Creating Your Concept Kitchen The Singapore Way
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Creating Your Concept Kitchen The Singapore Way

Having an open concept kitchen in your home makes for an ingeniously creative interior design Singapore feature that helps elevate your home above mere conventions. However, while an open concept kitchen is great for amusing guests with your cooking skills, the grease and odour emanating from the food on the stove can cling to furniture and curtains in the living room or wherever it may be located. So, to alleviate this situation, let us give out some great interior design Singapore ideas to ‘Singapore-proof’ your open concept kitchen:

Place your hob in a good spot

Afraid of getting grease all over the rest of the house? One interior design Singapore you might like to adopt is placing your cooking hob next to a wall instead of on the kitchen island. This allows for the creation of a backsplash, which facilitates the containment of oil splatter during cooking. This really cool interior design Singapore feature reduces grease and oil splatter drastically, so implement this feature asap!

Use a glass partition

If you feel like having a glass partition to separate your kitchen from the rest of the home might help, use a helpful interior design Singapore feature such as a low wall topped with glass panels for instance. You can use frameless fixed glass walls retrofitted with mild steel frames, or you could opt for collapsible glass panels as a viable interior design Singapore alternative. Before you install your glass partition, remember that bigger glass panels are more expensive although they minimise the use of joints, but make sure to consult your interior design Singapore company on the best possible alternatives before you go ahead.

Use easy-to-clean materials for your furniture

This is one suitable interior design Singapore alternative that you can use if you don’t want to go through the hassle of using the previous methods highlighted thus far. You can use materials for your living room that is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb the grease and oils from your kitchen as easily. You can also have outer coverings for your sofas and pillows that can be easily removed, or use a fabric protector such as Scotchgard to provide an added layer of outer protection for your furniture. This is a great hassle-free interior design Singapore feature that is a great alternative and cheap too! Well, that’s it from us guys! Let us know if you want to check out more kitchen tips and concepts for your home. Thanks for reading!

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