Buying A Refrigerator: What To Look Out For
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Buying A Refrigerator: What To Look Out For

Your refrigerator is one of, if not the most important aspect of your kitchen. So how do you pick out the best possible fridge to accommodate all your food-related needs? Here are some spicy interior design Singapore tips on picking the best refrigerator just for you:

No two refrigerators are the same

A lot of interior design Singapore contractors often observe that refrigerators differ according to the needs of their clients. You can have two fridges with the exact same dimensions, but the amount of storage capacity and physical space can vary, so take note of that. A good interior design Singapore rule of thumb is to remember that a refrigerator with thicker walls often equates to smaller amount of storage space, and vice versa.

Having a bottom freezer

Having a bottom freezer is essential for keeping all your fruits and vegetables cool and fresh for a certain amount of time in your fridge. However, one thing of note as pointed by many interior design Singapore aficionados is that if you pile up too much food in the bottom freezer it can cause your refrigerator to get needlessly heavy in the end. Hence, always ensure to look out for a bottom freezer that can withstand a ton of weight without compromising your fridge’s integrity in any way whatsoever.

Added dimensions to be taken into consideration

Last and not least, one of the prerequisites often employed by interior design Singapore contractors is to determine the proper dimensions such as height and weight before the right fridge is picked out for your kitchen. In addition, it’s imperative to ascertain how far the refrigerator doors can be opened before they come into physical contact with the kitchen walls and other cabinets in close proximity. Also to note, one good interior design Singapore tip is to ensure there is enough ventilation space for your fridge so as to allow any hot air to be safely evacuated.

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