Best Bedroom Interior Design Tips To Make Your Room Stunning
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Best Bedroom Interior Design Tips To Make Your Room Stunning

A quick scroll online of modern HDB or landed property interior designs in Singapore will blow your mind.

These images make us wish to have a piece of these designs and inspire us on how our we can recreate for our own living space such as bedrooms.

However, one of the main reasons recreating can be challenging is due to having a tight budget as some of the furnishings and furniture are costly. However, you can still work with your limited budget when it comes to undergoing bedroom renovation.  How? Give attention to key details that you may have overlooked!

Here are a few key areas that you should consider looking into more below:

Replace or improve on what you already have

Old furniture in the bedroom might be the reason for the dull appearance of the whole room.

Replacing pieces of furniture such as the bed, drawers or wardrobes may be expensive, but if your budget allows, you should consider this option.

If you are working on a very tight budget, you can make slight adjustments that are not expensive. For example, replacing knobs or add a splash of paint on the furniture are some of the ways you can work around this tip.

Upgrade your blanket

A blanket at the foot of your bed goes a long way in creating a much-needed statement for the whole bedroom.

Fabrics made from silk, velvet, and faux fur are some of the most commonly used statement blankets. Use this idea and make your room appear more luxurious and warmer.

Opt for hanging lights

Lighting is the definitive feature for each interior space

You can use this interior design idea to create a stylish and modern look. It is time to get rid of old, boring ceiling lights with a traditional appeal. Instead, replace them with more modern and artistic lightings.

Getting a stylish hanging lamp is not easy, but you can be confident that it is not money wasted. Plus, there is a wide variety to choose from.

Lampshades add tone to the room lighting. They are an essential piece and should not be ignored. That said, shop for trendy and modern lampshades that enhance the overall interiors. You will be surprised with quality lampshades you can get for just a few dollars.

Get rid of any extra baggage

A cluttered room is not a pleasant sight to behold. This should be one of the first steps to embrace and enhance in giving your bedroom a stunning look.

It does not cost you a cent to de-clutter your room, so sort out the items, retain what you need and discard the rest.

De-cluttering rooms help you create space which will help you make creates more possibilities for any necessary adjustments.


Giving your room a fantastic look does not have to be a hard task. You can also seek a professional opinion from an interior design consultancy in Singapore when revamping your look at home.

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