6 Foolproof Tips To Brighten Up An All-White Interior
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6 Foolproof Tips To Brighten Up An All-White Interior

All-white interiors never seem to go out of style. The bleached-out space emulates a timeless and soothing vibe. While some keep their house white as a “safe” option, others choose it out of preference. Even though it may seem easy to pull off, all-white interiors require precise methods to be executed well. From layering to selecting paint colours, read on as we shed light on what it takes to create your dream all-white abode.

1. Select the right shade

You probably feel puzzled, but yes, there are different shades of white – and they make a world of difference. There are factors that must be taken into account when selecting the perfect colour; the direction a room faces and colour undertones of furniture and flooring. Ultimately, it also depends on your preference. From icy and stark, to antique and warmer-looking, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Make an informed decision by contacting an interior design consultancy in Singapore for guidance.

2. Texture is everything

You’d never want your house to look flat and lifeless. You might think that white is dull, but it’s not. It’s the most neutral colour that can stand on its own, or act as a base for other colours! Breathe life into your home by adding in textures and patterns in the form of carpets or having a decorative ceiling. Broaden your scope by considering surfaces that are smooth and rough, and prints with pops of colour in it.

3. Complement with wood tones

White walls and earthy tones are like a match made in heaven. Incorporate these tones through wooden panels or a wooden floor for a subtle pop. Consider this idea for your bedroom renovation – you will appreciate the warmth and cosy feeling through the use of wood for a relaxing private sanctuary.

4. Brighten the walls

Light has many functions, aside from letting you see. Here are a few tips on the roles light can play in different kinds of rooms.

  • Recessed light

Can be installed to a ceiling, and on the walls to create a downcast effect.

  • Undercabinet lighting

By adding a glow from the edges, it creates the illusion of defined lines. If your house is undergoing a condo and landed property renovation, then this can be done after with LED strips or battery-operated tap lights.

  • Flush mount ceiling light

If you’re looking for a solution to brighten up dim areas like the storeroom, this is it. It stimulates skylight by diffusing the light across the ceiling.

5. Let your personality shine through

Display hints of your personality through hanging artworks or sculptural pieces. And yes, there’s no harm in mounting your bicycle! The boon of a white background is that it won’t fight for your attention, so you can allow your displays to stand out on their own. You can display a featured artwork or a gallery wall which acts as the focal point.

6. Compare and contrast

Despite what the term, “all-white” suggests, you must avoid having a completely white interior. Interrupt the ample spaces with darker colours so that there is a spot for your eyes to rest and stop. It could be via accessories like frames and lighting. Instead of focusing the darker colours on one side, distribute it throughout the room. Settling on a colour palette helps! There are three for you to choose from:

  • Complementary

The pairing of two colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel

  • Split complementary

The primary colour will be grouped with two colours adjacent to its complementary colour on the colour wheel.

  • Tonal

Tonal colours are various shades of colours that belong in the same colour family.


All-white homes will always be in trend, and their timeless appeal can testify this. White is the colour of sophistication and simplicity. When executed well, it’ll leave your home looking fresh and crisp. If you feel like giving your home a makeover, don’t hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp or book an e-appointment on the luxury interior design packages we have to offer!

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