5 Popular Themes To Guide Your Bedroom Interior Design
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5 Popular Themes To Guide Your Bedroom Interior Design

When you plunk down on your bed at the end of a long day, the only thing that should be on your mind is rest and recuperation. Your bedroom design should reflect that and keep you cosy as you relax or drift off to sleep. To that end, you should pick a design that is right for you.

Your preferences are always the priority when dealing with bedroom design. What makes one person feel comfortable could make another feel less relaxed, and vice versa. Take modern light grey wallpaper, for instance – while some find it calming, others could also find it dull. But neither opinions are wrong or right; it’s all subjective!

But it can be hard to think of a whole design plan off the top of your head. Some of us need a bit of inspiration to guide our luxury interior design decisions, and themes are great for this. Themes give you a flexible guideline, and are perfect for inspiring you into finalising a design choice that fits your taste and needs.

To help you decide which direction you want to take your bedroom renovation, here are some popular bedroom design themes to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Modern

If you find accessories and decorations strewn about the room to be overwhelming, you will love a modern-styled bedroom. Modern themed rooms are made to look neat, with simplicity being the central focus. Everything in the room, from furniture to flooring, is centred around this idea.

The design is characterised by crisp lines and a simple colour palette, such that the room looks orderly at a glance. Black, white and grey are a staple combination that is easy on the eyes. Materials commonly used include metal and glass for their flexibility in complementing different colour choices and their sleek appearance.

 2. Minimalist

An option for those who take the adage “less is more” to heart, minimalism is a practical, hassle-free design option. Like the modern theme, minimalism calls for clean lines, and simplistic design.

As the name suggests, furnishings should be kept to a minimum, and colour palettes are generally more neutral, with white and grey being popular options. Naturally, this has practical benefits as well, since you save costs on buying excessive amounts of furniture and ornaments.

While having a modestly furnished bedroom may sound underwhelming, the opposite is true. Deliberate design choices are allowed to shine through, and every piece of décor, from your bed to your desk, becomes the centre of attraction.

 3. Industrial

For those who want a bedroom with more character, industrial designs are a unique choice. Inspired by urban lofts, which are attics converted to apartments, the theme goes for a more edgy vibe. It uses prominently displayed steel, brick, concrete, and timber to evoke the look of an industrial complex, like a factory or warehouse.

A natural colour scheme is typically used, centring around the natural colours of the raw-looking material, varying between shades of brown and grey. If you want to liven up the room, you can add some accessories with bright colours to introduce some contrast.

The industrial theme is perfect for larger bedrooms, where you can afford to have larger empty spaces to give your room a more open feel.

 4. Rustic

Have you ever admired the idyllic scene of living in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by nature? With a rustic themed design, that dream isn’t so far off! The rustic theme brings the wonders of nature straight into your room with organic materials like unfinished timber and stone.

Adorn your room with ornaments made of unprocessed wood, and artificial plants or branches for that truly natural look. To add to the pastoral vibe, you can get bedding made of natural material, like linen or cotton.

The goal is to not look too refined and to lean into designs that are natural and unpolished. With an approachable colour palette that uses natural and neutral colours, this theme is guaranteed to warm your heart as you lay down to sleep.

 5. Bohemian

If you don’t like to play by the rules, a bohemian theme may be for you. As the polar opposite of minimalism, this design style encourages diversity and allows for literally anything under the sun. The goal is to make the style your own, to be as unconventional or eclectic as you desire.

A room decorated in this style should have a life of its own, with each desk, lamp, or carpet having a story behind it. Globetrotters will feel right at home in a bohemian bedroom, which can be adorned with memorabilia and knick-knacks from all over the world. Vintage and second-hand furniture is highly encouraged to add to the exotic atmosphere.

There are no fixed colour palettes for bohemian rooms, and experimenting with the mixing and layering of colours is part of the fun. For a cosy atmosphere that can draw you into the vibrant décor, round off the room with some soft ambient lighting.


At the end of the day, bedrooms should be a place of respite. You should always feel comfortable in your own bedroom, and the design you choose should be able to lift your spirits even on the worst of days. Whether you decide to pursue a chic modern theme or go full bohemian, what matters is that it appeals to you.

If you are still undecided or want to get a professional opinion, talk to our team of expert interior designers at Thom Signature with the ideas you have. Be it for HDB or condo interior design, give your bedroom the makeover it deserves!

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