5 Bedroom Tips To Design Your Way To A Good Night's Sleep
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5 Bedroom Tips To Design Your Way To A Good Night’s Sleep

Instead of dreaming for a peaceful slumber, why not turn it into a reality? By making a few changes though a bedroom renovation, you can set yourself up for a good night’s rest. And by a good night’s rest, we’re referring to high-quality sleep – the kind where you wake up feeling oh-so refreshed and energised.

Aside from keeping to a healthy diet and maintaining an active lifestyle, attaining deep, restorative sleep each night is just as important. While several behavioural factors contribute to good sleep, the environment in which you sleep also plays a determining factor. Regardless if you’re revamping your residential or condo interior design, we aim to shed light on potential solutions so you can create the ideal environment for a restful night.

1. The level of comfort

Anything you consider comfortable can do wonders in helping you fall asleep faster, whether it’s the mattress, pillows, or your entire bedroom. But of course, there are specific criteria that make each of them pleasant! Take your mattress, for example. In this case, its ability to conform better to your body is what makes it comfortable. Meanwhile, as for your entire bedroom environment, comfort can come in the form of the room temperature, noise levels and lightness or darkness.

2. Colours that are conducive to sleep

Based on colour psychology, cool colours like blue, grey, lavender and other neutral shades are perfect due to their relaxing and calming nature. Since it’s your bedroom, the choice is ultimately yours since some people find their favourite colours, no matter what colour group it belongs to, comforting. In this case, choose your personal favourite hue and apply it around your room based on the different shades of the same colour. For instance, you can use a royal shade of blue on the headboard with lighter tones for your walls.

3. Noise level

There are many ways design contributes to noise level, but we’ll only be focusing on two factors: rugs and the door. Rugs can help reduce noise, especially if someone tends to wake up while the other party sleeps. The type of door you choose can also make a difference. In fact, the door sound ratings vary with material and thickness.

4. The brightness or darkness of the room

As the saying goes, ‘rise and shine’. To induce sleepiness and rest, your bedroom should be as dark as possible, which could be fulfilled with either a curtain or blinds. The light control of your window coverings depends on the type of material used. But when choosing between curtains and blinds, it’s based on what you prefer. With Venetian blinds, for example, you can get precise control in adjusting the amount of light that enters. Meanwhile, curtains are less flexible in that sense. Still, you also have the option of layering them with blackout and sheer day curtains to alternate accordingly.

5. The layout of your bedroom

A cluttered room is the exact opposite of a tranquil and restful bedroom. Likewise, having an inefficient furniture layout can affect how relaxing your room is. Getting a triangular configuration can help ease how you navigate from the bed to the closet and the bathroom without hiccups in between. To reduce clutter, you can also consider storage spaces under the bed, drawers, boxes and such. As long as your room is tidy, try to maintain self-discipline in maintaining its state of cleanliness to ensure your bedroom remains like the ideal sleep sanctuary.

In the quest to creating a more comfortable bedroom, it ultimately boils down to personal preferences. However, you can still consider the factors listed in this article as a guide when researching for what you need. By hiring the right services, your interior designer can help ascertain your needs while providing their expertise. Be it a bedroom or bathroom renovation in Singapore, we at Thom Signature are always ready to lend a hand in designing your ideal bedroom.

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