3 Types Of Kitchen Layouts For Singapore Homes
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3 Types Of Kitchen Layouts For Singapore Homes

The kitchen is so important, especially here in Singapore where meals are cooked and families bond over a delicious dinner and the like. Aesthetically, kitchens have to be both functional and fashionable, so here are 3 top interior design Singapore tips and ideas for your consideration if you want to revamp your kitchen:

The parallel/gallery layout

The parallel layout (aka the ‘gallery’) is a perennial interior design Singapore favourite with most HDB homeowners due to its high level of functionality. With the parallel layout, the cook and wash zones are right next to each other hence creating an air of convenience. The only negative here is the lack of space for a dining table in the kitchen itself if one were to opt for the parallel layout. However, if you are planning to do an open concept, you can incorporate a bar counter design into your storage cabinets for an interesting variation on the interior design Singapore layout as a whole.

L-shaped layout

The L-shaped layout is a great interior design Singapore concept for a small kitchen. This layout typically includes kitchen components such as the cook hob, sink and cabinets in an adjoining pattern that allows for more space in the kitchen as a result. The L-shaped layout also encourages people to mingle during cook-outs, and you can even have a small dining table in the corner for you and your family to enjoy your meals.

Single line layout

Last of all, we introduce the incredible interior design Singapore concept of the single line layout. This layout works well in really small kitchens where space can be quite restrictive and all the components are reduced to a single line, which can be rather pleasant to look at from an aesthetic standpoint. However, by employing the single line layout in your kitchen this might result in limited counter space to work on. But you can always counter this by buying compact appliances such as a 2-burner cook hob, for instance, and even fit in a small dining table for your family if you have ample space.

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