3 Smart Ways To Design Your Condo
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3 Smart Ways To Design Your Condo

If you live in a nice comfy condo and you’re looking to expand your home space in a few creative ways, we have a couple of interior design Singapore ideas just for you that we hope will pique your interest! Here are a few ingenious interior design Singapore ideas that you can use to give your condo a nice new makeover for your consideration:

Put in a kitchen island

If you’re someone who tends to host dinner parties for your kakis at your condo, the best interior design Singapore idea here to do is to get a kitchen island. There are various reasons why a kitchen island is ingenious: Not only can it serve as a de facto buffet table where guests can gather to grab their food and even sit around to mingle in some light conversation as they eat. Having a kitchen island does well to make the environment more relaxed for conversational talk and the like, so to speak!

Maximising the space in your home

One of the reasons for homes feeling cramped and overcrowded is usually due to the amount of clutter such as too much furniture or loads of unnecessary possessions littered around your condo. So, to resolve this issue, you can adopt a few simple interior design Singapore ideas such as rearranging the furniture around while getting rid of all the possessions that contribute to the clutter in your home. Also, make use of windows and even mirrors to create a sense of spaciousness through illumination of your home and creating an artificial sense of space throughout.

Adopt a more simple look

If you ask any interior design Singapore firm, they would say that your home as a whole is meant to be an extension of who you are. Hence, use that to your advantage to show off your personality. Use that shade of colour that represents your inner effervescent self, or get new furniture that you would love in your home, for instance. Remember, your home is meant to be a reflection of who you are as a person and not as an IKEA showroom!

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