3 Practical Yet Stylish Kitchen Designs for Your HDB Home
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3 Practical Yet Stylish Kitchen Designs for Your HDB Home

For most homeowners, the kitchen is often not the main focus when considering interior design and décor for your home. But to dismiss its potential would be a missed opportunity! Give your home a congruent overall aesthetic by giving your kitchen space the same amount of attention you’d give to your master bedroom renovation.

Reach out to your interior design consultants and consider any of these practical yet stylish kitchen designs for your home!

An Open Kitchen

Open kitchens are amongst the most popular features among Singaporean homes. They are so popular that they will soon become a standard feature in HDB apartments.

The reasons are obvious. First, open kitchen plans create a feeling of space, which is an attractive trait seeing as how most Singaporean homes don’t have such luxury. An open kitchen concept can effectively make your home appear larger by simply taking down the partition walls. Furthermore, your home will enjoy better airflow and an increase in natural light! It will also promote engagement between family members and friends as there is no physical separation – a great way to start your dinner with your loved ones.

If you’re wondering about the possibility of the aromas bleeding into the other rooms, this can be easily solved with a quality kitchen hood.

Single Wall Kitchen

As we’ve mentioned, space is scarce in Singaporean homes. However, if you’re not too keen on displaying the kitchen to your guests, you may want to consider having a single-wall kitchen in your next remodelling plans.

A single-wall kitchen has a better conversation of space compared to the open kitchen designs, as you can utilise the wall by placing shelves or cabinets to store your items. Since HDB homes have the same standard design, you may want to discuss with the consultants at your luxury interior design firm to figure out how to make it work.

Galley Kitchen

Most of the HDB standard designs will include gallery kitchens. These kitchens feature a narrow layout with parallel kitchen tops that flank both sides of the kitchen. The design aims to keep it compact and practical, thus quickly becoming a sought-after solution by many homeowners.

If you’re trying to figure out ways to enhance the layout, here are a few ideas to make it visually appealing whilst still keeping it practical:

  • Do away with high cabinets and opt for storage on one side of the kitchen.
  • Minimise appliances and other items on the countertops to prevent visual clutter. Instead, try to incorporate the appliances into the overall design. For instance, install a built-in oven instead of having one on top of the counter.
  • Be creative with your choice of aesthetic! Break the monotony by opting for wallpaper with bright patterns, for instance!

The kitchen is one of the important yet understated spaces in your homes. Thus, it requires just as much consideration as the other parts of your home, lest your safe haven will not possess the seamless visual harmony you desire. These tips can also work for other residential properties if you’re looking at a landed house renovation, for instance.

With the extended circuit breaker measures, you can still reach our team at Thom Signature on Whatsapp or book an e-appointment for all your interior design queries!

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